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Work Comp Injury

At Cuttler Chiropractic in Rensselaer County, NY we are committed to a natural approach to whole-body wellness. Dr. Cuttler uses non-invasive modern techniques to provide effective chiropractic care. We specialize in workers’ compensation injury treatment.


Common Work-Related Injuries Chiropractors Can Treat

  • Back Injuries Related to Improper Lifting: Most people are aware of the proper way to lift heavy objects—bend at the knees rather than at the waist. It is also recommended that you keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other. You should also stand close to the heavy object. Improper lifting can result in several types of back injuries:
    • Pinched nerves
    • Pulled muscles
    • Herniated discs
    • Injuries to the hips, knees, legs, fingers, elbows, shoulders, and ankles.
  • Bodily Injury Due to Slips, Trips & Falls: There are countless ways workers can sustain injuries. Extension cords placed across paths of foot traffic can be hazardous. Someone may spill a drink unknowingly. A sink may overflow leaving a pool of water. Broken equipment may be left unmarked for repair. If another worker attempts to use the broken equipment, it can result in injury. These are just a few situations that can lead to injury on the job.
  • Repetitive Motion: Overuse of certain muscle groups commonly leads to injury. While repetitive motion injuries are most commonly associated with manual labor, it is also possible to sustain a repetitive motion injury in the office. For example, poor wrist posture can cause carpal tunnel syndrome in those who type a lot. Our chiropractor has years of experience addressing all kinds of repetitive motion injuries.

Treatment Through Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor uses manual manipulation to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Spinal adjustments can effectively address back, neck, and shoulder injuries.  Chiropractic adjustment can be applied to almost any part of the body to aid in injury recovery. Chiropractic treatment is a natural and non-invasive approach to pain management. Our chiropractor will work with you to develop a chiropractic care plan designed to address your individual needs.

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Work-related injuries require immediate care and proper handling of paperwork. Workers’ compensation laws and coverage requirements can be tricky to navigate. We can make this process easier for you. For more information on work comp injury or to schedule an appointment, call our Rensselaer County office at (518) 283-2371 or visit us online.  

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